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Hanne Mejlgaard, born in 1947. Graduated in 1975 as an authorized medical secretary.

I have always worked with many artistic elements – but in 2001 the art school: Maison des Arts, located in Colle Sur Loup, France, became a turning point for me. It gave me a speciel kind of happiness and set of mind, opening the doors to the world where I now  much more determined can concentrate on my artistic activities.

After I returned home to Denmark, I followed courses to learn even more. Among others at a Spanish artist and an Iceland artist.

I joined the group Åbne Døre i Gentofte from 2005, where I still am today.

I have made prescription envelopes for Glostrup Apotek, which become an object of collection over the entire country.

Galleries :

  • Villa Bournonville i Fredensborg 2005.
  • Gentofte Børnevenner 2006.
  • Sct. Lukas Hospice 2006 og 2007.
  • Svenske Villa i 2006.
  • Tinghuset i Fredensborg 2007.
  • BASF i Ballerup 2008.
  • Lægeklinik i Charlottenlund (dermatolog Ida Marie Stender) 2009.
  • Nordea i Hellerup 2010.
  • Rosenvængets klinik på Østerbro 2010.
  • Helleruphus tandlægerne 2011 og 2013.
  • Skodsborg Kysthospital 2012.
  • Dyssegårds bibliotek 2012.
  • Schæffergården 2014 og 2015 og skal igen i 2016
  • Helleruphus 2015
  • Novo Nordisk 2015
  • Udstillet okt.-dec. 2016 i Fredensborg Dansac.
  • Udstillet i lægehus i Birkerød i 3 mdr. 2017.
  • Udstillet Rafn-Larsen automobiler jan. 2018.
  • Nomecos Kunstforening marts 2018.
  • Dyssegård Kirke fra 10.03.19 – 25.04.19.
  • Åbne døre i Gentofte fra 02.05. – 05.05.19.

I have been part of “Åbne Døre” (open doors) in Gentofte since 2005, which have an open gallery every year for local people to see our art.

I was in Social gadekunst in Gentofte in 2014, where I collaborated with Diabetesforeningen. We were 13 artists, each of us donated our art piece at an auction at a Gallery in Knud Grothe, Charlottenlund, for the occation Frivilligheden fejredes in that week.  The gallery was opened by the mayor Hans Toft. A gallery I have been very grateful to be a part of.

My customers er diverse. I have among others painted for: Rigshospitalets Kunstforening, Frederiksberg Hospitals kunstforening, Rederiet TORM multiple times, NOMECO and many other private customers.

I display mostly from my own gallery/atelier, where you can always call/write to visit my pieces and have a talk about what you are interested in, or simply to look at what I already have, without having to purchase anything.

I also have a lovely garden, which is part of my creativity – It is still beautiful in the winter, as seen under the garden menu.14